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Paths to Resilience: Building Resilience through Research-based Practice

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Resilience is a Learnable Trait

Leader in Me gives educators the tools needed to transform school cultures that set the stage for effective trauma-informed interventions; create learning environments where positive experiences accumulate; and empower students who face Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to develop the skills needed to thrive.

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About Brooke Judd

As a lifelong learner and contributor, Brooke has served on several executive boards, conference committees, and advisory councils for various universities and organizations. As an educator, Brooke has been a classroom teacher, principal, and Superintendent of schools. In 2015, Brooke joined FranklinCovey to further impact education on a global scale. In her role as the International Director of Coaching and Content, Brooke has enjoyed teaching leadership skills to government officials, teachers, administrators, and organizations around the world.

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