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Why We Teach Cooking


Children who can cook develop confidence, self-assurance and a greater understanding of the world in various ways. Children also want to be independent. They want to feel validated. When people enjoy the food they cook, their confidence grows. Cooking is an amazing way of bringing children education into action! They measure, calculate the amount of ingredients, solve problems, read and remember the steps. They are hands-on doing it rather than just learning it from books. It makes it more meaningful to them. Children who cook will better understand the amount of time and effort that is needed to prepare a meal.  Cooking will also help them to become more grateful and respectful.




懂得烹飪的孩子比較有自信和更能自我肯定,並能從中了解世界各地文化。孩子成長的過程 中,慢慢想變得獨立和得到肯定,當人們享用他們烹飪的美食時,他們的信心便會提升。 學習烹飪是把兒童教育付諸行動的絕佳方式!他們計算材料的分量, 解決問題,閱讀和記著烹飪的步驟,他們親自動手做而不是僅僅從 書本中學習,令學習更有意義。學習烹飪的孩子明白需要花大量時 間和心機來準備一頓飯。他們更懂得心存感激,更懂得尊重他人和食物。

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